Specialized & Industrial

Specialized & Industrial Services Segment

Our Specialized & Industrial Services segment (“S & IS segment”) is comprised of a group of unique businesses servicing Canada’s natural resources and infrastructure sectors. These diverse set of specialized services include those that support the energy, mining, forestry and construction industries in western Canada, including water management, fluid hauling and environmental reclamation. Our S & IS segment Business Units are strategically situated throughout western Canada and operate fleets of highly specialized equipment and facilities. Investments in this segment will continue to be focused on advancing technology in leading edge service capabilities.

Our services include:

  • Water management
  • Environmental services
  • Pipeline construction
  • Civil construction
  • Industrial cleaning and turnaround services
  • Fluid management
  • Municipal development and emergency support services


Production Services

Cascade Energy Services L.P.

Head Office: Calgary, AB

Tel: (403) 213-4721


Cascade Energy Services L.P. (Cascade Energy) is a specialized trucking and industrial cleaning company that serves the energy, utility, and construction industries in western Canada. With approximately 200 employees and contractors, the company operates a fleet of over 250 units, including tank trucks, pressure trucks, vacuum trucks, steam trucks, hot oil and heater units. Their services include fluid hauling, high-pressure cleaning, industrial cleaning, turnarounds, fracs, heating large quantities of frac water, well testing, chemical sales and delivery, pipeline testing, test fluid rentals, spill cleanup, and disposal services. In 2020, Cascade Energy added zero-entry tank cleaning equipment capabilities to its service offering designed to support large industrial tank cleaning for customers in the midstream sector. They focus on providing high-quality service and are equipped with GPS units and professionally trained operators.

E-Can Oilfield Services L.P.

Head Office: Elk Point, AB

Tel: (780) 724-4018


E-Can Oilfield Services L.P. (E-Can) provides a wide range of oilfield services to the heavy oil industry in northern and central Alberta by utilizing its specialized equipment and personnel to assist in the handling, transportation and disposal of fluids associated with the processing and production of heavy oil in addition to well servicing. It has a fleet of over 130 units, and it is recognized for its quality, exceptional care, and customer-focused approach. E-Can offers services to the heavy oil industry, including flushby, pressure, steamer, combo, tank truck, tank cleaning/turnaround, and vacuum.

Heavy Crude Hauling L.P.

Head Office: Lloydminster, AB

Tel: (780) 875-5358

Toll Free: (877) 875-5358


Heavy Crude Hauling L.P. (Heavy Crude) is a leading provider of services to the heavy oil industry in Alberta and Saskatchewan. Through the use of dedicated subcontractors, Heavy Crude provides transportation of crude oil, produced water and other fluids as well as specialized services for its customers involved in the production of heavy oil in western Canada through the use of its specially designed bulk trailers. Heavy Crude is one of the largest transporters of fluids in northeastern Alberta and northwestern Saskatchewan, an area which is generally referred to as the Lloydminster heavy oil region. The main terminal is located in Lloydminster, Alberta. Heavy Crude has an in-house dispatch program, ticket billing system and mobile tracking application that ensures accurate job information and updates. They are committed to safety and quality service and utilizes vehicle monitoring software for safety, fleet monitoring and productivity reporting.

Spearing Service L.P.

Head Office: Oxbow, SK

Tel: (306) 483-2828

Spearing Service L.P. (Spearing) provides fluid hauling, specialized and lease site construction services to oil companies in southeastern Saskatchewan and southwestern Manitoba. Spearing utilizes specially designed equipment to haul crude oil, produced water, natural gas liquids, condensate and other fluids as well as onsite frac water storage with 500 barrel mobile frac tanks. In addition to oilfield trucking, Spearing stores, distributes and sells aggregate materials for lease and other site preparation activities for the energy sector. Spearing’s fleet includes company and owner operator tractors, tank trailers, as well as vacuum trucks, steam trucks, pressure trucks and hot oiler units.

Specialized Services

Babine Truck & Equipment Ltd.

Locations: Prince George, Prince Rupert and Smithers, BC

Prince George: (888) 698-2741

Prince Rupert: (250) 624-5171

Smithers, BC: (888) 420-1092


Babine Truck & Equipment Ltd. (Babine) is an original equipment manufacturer (OEM) parts and service dealer that operates from three locations in British Columbia: Smithers, Prince George and Prince Rupert. Babine provides equipment and maintenance services to Bandstra Transportation Systems Ltd. as well as parts and service work to customers within the natural resources, energy and transportation industries in northern British Columbia.

B&R Eckel's Transport Ltd.
Head Office:  Bonnyville, AB

Tel: (780) 826-3889


B&R Eckel’s Transport Ltd. (B&R) has a long history of servicing customers in the greater northeastern Alberta region. B&R provides three primary service offerings to a diverse group of customers, including, LTL, full truckload as well as general oilfield hauling, which includes rig moving, tank moving, pipe yard and storage and over-dimensional transportation. With a dedicated group of 420 employees working within a network of 16 facilities, B&R operates a fleet of 400 power units and over 950 trailers.

Butler Ridge Energy Services (2011) Ltd.

Head Office: Hudson’s Hope, BC

Tel: (250) 783-2363


Butler Ridge Energy Services (2011) Ltd. (Butler Ridge) is a fluid management company servicing the energy sector in the Peace River region of British Columbia.

Canadian Dewatering L.P.

Head Office: Edmonton, AB

Tel: (780) 400-2260


Canadian Dewatering L.P. (Canadian Dewatering) provides fluid management services to the energy, mining, construction, pipeline, utility and petrochemical industries along with infrastructure, environmental and emergency response services to municipalities in western Canada. They offer services and rentals for dewatering, pump system solutions, bypass pumping, pre-engineered and custom barges, deep-water dredging, diving and marine contracting, and sediment control solutions. Their fleet consists of one of the largest fleets of mobile industrial Tier 4 grade pumps in western Canada, portable diesel

generators, fusion machines and other support equipment. In addition, Canadian Dewatering maintains one of the largest inventories of rapid deployment hose in western Canada along with their fleet of portable engineered barges and portable dredges. The company operates eight branches across western Canada and Northwest Territories. Canadian Dewatering is known for providing quality services and quick response in times of disaster, such as the Southern Alberta flood relief initiative, Prince Albert oil spill, and Fort McMurray fires.

Premay Equipment L.P.

Head Office: Edmonton, AB

Tel: (780) 447-5555

Toll-free: 1-800-661-9315


Premay Equipment L.P. (Premay Equipment) provides a wide range of specialized services through the transportation of oversize and overweight modules, vessels, equipment and machinery for clients in the engineering, procurement, construction, mining, and oil and natural gas related industries. With specialized tractors, off-highway vehicles, hydraulic lifting equipment and trailers including specialized hydraulic platform trailers, Premay Equipment is a leader in the specialized transportation market in western Canada. Premay Equipment also provides onsite support work for customers in Fort McMurray, Albert

Premay Equipment’s main facility is fully equipped to perform major repairs to its specialized equipment including its self-propelled modular transporters (SPMT). It also has the capability to design and build new equipment or modify existing components.

Premay Pipeline Hauling L.P.

Head Office: Edmonton, AB

Tel: (780) 447-3014

Toll-free: 1-800-471-7976


Premay Pipeline Hauling L.P. (Premay Pipeline) provides services for pipeline contractors, pipe mills, transmission companies, and engineering firms involved in the construction of oil and gas transmission pipelines. Premay Pipeline is a leader in the handling, hauling, stockpiling and stringing of large diameter oil and natural gas transmission pipe on pipelines in Canada. They operate a fleet of trucks and trailers, along with a number of cranes/pickers, side booms, vacuum lifts/deckhands and loaders/forklifts/excavators.

Smook Contractors Ltd.

Head Office: Thompson, MB

Tel: (204) 677-1560


Smook Contractors Ltd. (Smook) is a multi-disciplined civil contractor based in Thompson, Manitoba. Smook services customers throughout northern Manitoba by providing safe, efficient and quality service in the areas of aggregate production, drilling and blasting, earth and rock excavation, environmental clean-up and soil remediation, road-building and other related services.

Drilling & Drilling-Related Services

Cordova Oilfield Services Ltd.

Head Office: Fort St. John, BC

Tel: (250) 787-7378


Cordova Oilfield Services Ltd. (Cordova) is a logistics company specializing in Oil Country Tubular Goods (OCTG) and fluid management. Established in 2015, the company expanded to include a Fluid Storage and Transport Division in 2020. They offer services such as storage, transportation, and fluid management and prioritize customer satisfaction, safety, and service. The company’s experienced leadership team and cutting-edge technology ensure excellence in health and safety standards. Cordova has a fleet of owner-operated vehicles, including hydrovacs, combo-vacs, tri-quad tank trucks, pressure trucks, and hot oilers. They offer OCTG storage, handling and inventory, transportation, and rail spur access through their Pipe Services division. Their Fluid Services division provides storage and transportation of sweet & sour fluid hauling, well kill fluids, pipeline mix, methanol hauling, and more. Cordova provides its clients with access to a web-based inventory management system developed by Mullen Group known as PipeOnLineTM allowing them to track their oilfield tubular products in real-time.

Envolve Energy Services Corp.

Head Office: Grovedale, AB

Tel: (587) 298-8533


Envolve Energy Services Corp. (Envolve) handles, processes and disposes produced water, for oil and natural gas companies. Envolve has a full-service Class II well disposal facility located in the Montney resource play at Gold Creek, just south of Grande Prairie, Alberta. Envolve can handle in excess of 2,000 cubic metres of fluids per day and have expanded their capability to handle both sweet and sour produced water.

Formula Powell L.P.
Head Office: Grand Prairie, AB

Tel: (780) 814-6045


Formula Powell L.P. (Formula Powell) offers a wide range of services including trucking, warehousing of drilling mud and the storage of drilling fluids for customers involved in the oil and natural gas industry in western Canada. Through a network of terminals strategically located in areas known for high levels of oil and natural gas drilling activity, Formula Powell provides its customers with the necessary trucks and trailers specifically designed to meet the demanding requirements of off-highway oilfield work as well as supplies tank farms and related services. Customers can be provided real-time tracking of their drilling mud and fluids through Formula Powell’s proprietary web-based inventory management system, Xpress InventoryTM.

Mullen Oilfield Services L.P.

Head Office: Calgary, AB

Tel: (403) 213-4700


Mullen Oilfield Services has been a leader in the Canadian oil and gas industry since 1983, with a focus on health and safety in the workplace and delivering project success and customer satisfaction. Mullen Oilfield provides specialized oilfield transportation services to companies drilling for oil and natural gas in western Canada, most notably rig moving. This involves the dismantling, hauling and rigging up of drilling rigs in challenging, difficult, mountainous terrain and extreme weather conditions. In 2020, Mullen Oilfield expanded its services to include the transportation, handling, storage and computerized inventory management of oil country tubular goods (OCTG) for the oil and natural gas industry. Mullen Oilfield provides its clients with access to a web-based inventory management system, PipeOnLine, allowing them to track their oilfield tubular products in real-time.

OK Drilling Services L.P.

Head Office: Red Deer, AB

Tel: (403) 343-8860

Toll-free: 1-800-661-5254


OK Drilling Services L.P. (OK Drilling) has been providing the upstream segment of the oil and natural gas drilling industry with services related to the setting of conductor pipe and surface casing. In addition, OK Drilling drills piling holes and elevator shafts for the construction industry. Through their head office in Red Deer, Alberta and operations throughout western Canada, OK Drilling operates auger drilling rigs, a dual rotary rig, a fleet of support trucks and trailers and portable welding trucks.

Treo Drilling Services L.P.

Head Office: Ponoka, AB

Tel: (403) 783-5720

Toll-free: 1-888-577-5720


Treo Drilling Services L.P. (Treo) provides drilling services to the energy and resource sector with a focus on core drilling for the oil sands, primarily during the winter season. Treo is a market leader providing customers with core drilling services, which involve drilling and the subsequent recovery of core samples, an essential process service used by exploration and production companies in the analysis and delineation of oil sands deposits in northern Alberta.