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Mullen Group Ltd. (“Mullen” or the “Mullen Group”) is a publicly-traded company listed on the Toronto Stock Exchange (“TSX”) under the symbol “MTL”. We are headquartered in Okotoks, Alberta operating across Canada and the United States.  For more information regarding Mullen Group’s corporate status, reference is made to Mullen Group’s PDF FileArticles of Incorporation and PDF FileBy-laws.

Mullen Group is one of Canada’s largest logistics companies, providing a wide range of transportation, warehousing and distribution services throughout North America.  Our network of independently operated businesses provide service offerings including less-than-truckload, truckload, warehousing, logistics, transload, oversized, third-party logistics, and specialized hauling transportation.  In addition, we provide a diverse set of specialized services related to the energy, mining, forestry and construction industries in western Canada, including water management, fluid hauling and environmental reclamation.  The corporate office provides the capital and financial expertise, legal support, technology and systems support, shared services and strategic planning to its independent businesses.

Mullen Group’s operating businesses are divided into four distinct business segments: Less-Than-Truckload, Logistics & Warehousing, Specialized & Industrial services, and U.S. & International Logistics, which are differentiated by the type of service provided, equipment requirements and customer needs.

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A successful strategic plan contemplates growth, the heart of any organization.  Clearly defined strategies outline the path of expected growth but in addition, place the required disciplines into the system to ensure the long-term viability of the organization is not compromised.  Since going public in 1993, Mullen Group has completed over 77 acquisitions which have been the foundation of our strategy for growth.  Some of these acquisitions have been small tucking acquisitions while many others were larger, well established name brand companies.

We Think About Tomorrow

Our tagline really captures what we always talk about – the Future. It takes analysis, study of the situation, an understanding of the factors that could ultimately affect a variety of outcomes, perhaps even the less understood unintended consequences, and of course a lot of hard work. Here at Mullen Group we like to characterize all of these traits under the concept of WE THINK ABOUT TOMORROW. We challenge ourselves to be students of history, but not stuck in the past. We view tomorrow as where we want to be, which requires that we think about what is happening around us today and then strategize

We Think About Tomorrow