Less-Than-Truckload or LTL is often referred to as the final or last mile delivery of general freight consisting of smaller shipments, packages and parcels.  Through an extensive terminal network the pickup, handling and delivery of a wide range of freight including Ambient, temperature controlled and consumer goods is coordinated from regional hubs located in Ontario and western Canada.  We are committed to investing in the most advanced technologies available ensuring the continued improvement in all aspects of our business, shortening delivery times and providing customers with visibility, via tracking and tracing, to their shipments during transit.  More


The Logisitics & Warehousing segment provides shippers throughout North America with a wide range of trucking and logistics service offerings including full truckload, specialized transportation, warehousing, fulfillment centres that handle e-commerce transactions, and transload facilities designed for intermodal and bulk shipments.  Operations and customer service are supported by  robust suite of leading edge technology solutions including a fully integrated transportation management system, customized inventory management and warehouse systems along with our proprietary Moveitonline and Haulistic technology platforms, applications that are positioning our organization for an evolving and changing supply chain.  More


The Specialized & Industrial Services segment is comprised of a wide range of unique businesses providing specialized equipment and services to the oil and natural gas, environmental, construction, pipeline, utility, telecom and civil industries.  Strategically located throughout western Canada, these specialty Business Units are focused on providing advanced technology solutions and leading edge services capabilities.  More


The transportation and movement of goods throughout the supply chain is critical to every company and an important component of the global economy representing approximately 10.0 percent of total GDP.  Third-party logistics (“3PL“), which is typically defined as providing non-asset based, value-added transport services, is one of the fastest growing components of the supply chain.  3PL is a transportation management service, generally performed in conjunction with freight brokerage and requires a software platform to facilitate a seamless and efficient transaction, regardless of the mode of transportation required.  In the United States, industry statistics estimate 3PL to be a U.S. $160.0 billion industry.   More