People Focus

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Our Vision

Mullen Group is one of Canada’s largest organizations. Today, we operate approximately 4,300 trucks and power units and thousands of pieces of equipment that support our specialized service offerings in western Canada’s thriving energy sector. We have approximately 7,200 employees, owner-operators and independent sub-contractors.

The roots of our organization date back to 1949 when Roland Mullen, the founder of the Mullen Group, ventured out on his own as a young man with little more than one small truck and a desire to serve a couple of customers in rural Alberta.

This entrepreneurial spirit remains with us today and is the fundamental reason that the Mullen Group is successful. Through our independently operated business units we travel the highways and traverse the back roads to deliver a wide range of special services to thousands of customers in the energy sector.

But it is our people who are the custodians of our business. We know that it is people – not companies – who provide customer service. That’s why we’re so passionate about creating a great organization and a great place where our people can excel. A place where people are empowered to do their jobs well, are motivated to provide superb customer service and are able to do it all in a safe work environment. In fact nothing is more important to all of us here at Mullen Group than the safety of our employees. That’s why we provide good equipment, excellent training programs and hire only the very best.

Investing in Our People

Mullen Group strongly believes in investing in our people by providing:

  • Comprehensive Safety Programs;
  • Opportunity for advancement – we prefer to promote from within;
  • Transfer opportunities within the Mullen Group;
  • Incentive-based programs;
  • Benefit plans – medical, dental, life insurance;
  • Education and Training – including Business Management Certification;
  • Employee and Family Assistance Program;
  • Roland & Leona Mullen Scholarship Fund; and
  • Commitment to quality and excellence.

There is an abundance of opportunity in Mullen Group. Our growing organization is well suited to those individuals who not only want to excel at what they do, but want the opportunity and the challenge to try new and exciting adventures, allowing them to move ahead and to take on added responsibilities.

We’re a family

We’re a family! Our people have an abundance of opportunity. Mullen Group is a growing organization which is well suited to those individuals who not only want to excel at what they do, but want the opportunity and the challenge to try new and exciting job opportunities that allow them to advance and take on added responsibilities. We encourage our people to explore their options for employment within our group of companies.

We promote from within whenever possible.


Mullen Group’s commitment to effective safety and loss prevention systems is deeply entrenched in our fundamental belief that effective leadership is what drives Best-In-Class safety performance. Our leaders will be held accountable for their business unit’s safety performance by:

  • Demonstrating correct safety behaviours;
  • Creating effective HSE Management Systems;
  • Clearly defining the roles and responsibilities of our people;
  • Providing needed resources; and
  • Measuring, reviewing and continuously improving safety performance.

Establishing the Safety Culture “7 Key Elements”

  1.  Recruitment: we want to attract the very best individuals to our organization;
  2. Pre-Employment Hiring Procedures: we orientate, train, test and assess fitness for duty;
  3. Set The Standards: we let everyone know what is expected;
  4. Monitor & Measure: we must ensure that everyone follows the standards established;
  5. Provide Safe & Reliable Equipment & Facilities: everyone needs access to the right tools to be successful;
  6. Education & Skills Upgrading: we must continuously strive to improve; and
  7. Discipline: we endorse a disciplined approach to safety performance; the health and safety of our people shall not be compromised.

The Mullen Group IT Department is comprised of talented individuals with the technological and creative skills needed to bring “Best-In-Class” hardware, software, and telecommunications solutions to the Mullen Group of companies.

We endeavour to enhance our employees’ computing experience by offering quality shared services in the areas of: security, governance, research and development, procurement, implementation, training, and support.

The IT Department of Mullen Group is entrusted with the responsibility of overseeing the IT systems and communication networks utilized by the corporate office and the business units. In managing a diverse group of companies in Mullen Group, IT is presented with significant challenges due to the specific and often unique requirements of the business units.

The role of the IT Department can be best summarized as follows:

  • We are an Applications Service Provider to many business units which is administered through our IT Shared Services Program;
  • We provide IT oversight and audit functions to those business units that administer their own IT systems; and
  • We develop and administer the IT Strategy for the Mullen Group.